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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Rest Clean First Marriage Bed

 No did not this evening morning do we really have that one even right yet?  Jumped asking questions online just things curious about.  I end up talking this and not where even went first.  Now some things I kinda knew as happened through my life..and did have a mother-in-law in medical area.  It used to be a C-section was never done except with a baby in distress during natural child birth.  Law suits changed that one, I couldn't believe the amounts in world.  You just died and or both if not built to have children.  Ended up talking about this, it did happen to my best friend in AZ for her last child even.

Well to back then...and my mom's time.. and these things did stop... but when women would get vaginal infections Dr. would have them douche  a water bag with a mix... depending on things you would either use vinegar and water or baking soda and water.  Rare but some Doctors still using this in 1970's.  Well don't know just who figured it out... but if memory is correct... if you got PG douching with vinegar and water you had girls.  If douching with baking Soda and water you had boys.  Probably they might have known? but women got drift of it.  So of course us girls were taught about this for cleansing. 

Now when went to gynecologist in AZ was set up with a Jew think Seyman.. he said no do not do.. said something about body auto designed to cleanse destroy that.  Don't think mom ever had one of them just family Doctors... rare to ever go...not into them.  Only reason think came from Doctors way back is cause they did have my girlfriend do this.  Anyway forget what happened her but she already had 2 girls.. but they did try with her think baking soda and work.. want to say she had surgery then for needed suspension.. like everything had dropped from other births I guess.  As I recall and not totally sure.. but this surgery would then prevent her from having any more children.  She had it.  But she was PG prior them didn't know I guess and she did have a boy in distress cord around neck.  But she had another child...didn't then know how suspension would work.,,and think her hubby got fixed make sure.

I think though for a while women were using this knowledge to try to have a certain sex child.  Vinegar was used for all kinds of cleaning with vinegar... cheap mix with mom used it.  The other biggie always had was bleach.. also cheap.  Of course most have totally gotten away from this type stuff.. including me.  Does that mean it doesn't work?  No not at all.  When I think of the laundry my mom did for 8 people and 6 beds to wash, she did them once a week sheesh... not me..and didn't understand why she did as we were made to take showers before bed all our lives, we were so clean to have to wash beds that often.  That is a lot of showers at night, we were only allowed 3 minutes each for shower, recovery time am sure for water heater.  I don't remember my Daddy taking shower in mornings.. will have to ask siblings that.. he used a metal comb silver...and would I think use VO5 on his hair slick back in mornings.  Daddy wore a dress hat in winter can't find what I remember...had no band of any type I remember and not quite this tall on set apart he was... but I loved how he looked in it.  This the closest could find.


Then when married, man I was with shower morning before work...needed wake up guess  So we were even taught to be clean at bed.  If think about too God gave rest first..clean start...don't think that even happen much these days...young people taught weird hours for everything..  need 2 showers take two...bed should be clean.  So of course this what son's witnessed even though I bathed them before bed.  Are you clean to go to your marriage bed rest night first?  What time do you get clean?

Funny too remember Daddy saying to me as he was used to that all his life with her... he told me..after she graduated... he was able to go 2 weeks with bed as he would sleep on one side one week and on the other side of the bed the next week.  I am sure his cleaning person did as I used to do with mine when wash their bed put clean sheets on...part of service cleaning I did.  Some had extra sheets.. so would leave washed ones, sheets, in dryer for them.  My guess is most are not clean to go to bed in their marriage beds...don't know if you can find statistics on that one but alone you change and if no sleep with anyone.  Not same works schedules.. 

To weird...go out car to get new carton cigs.. and at distance like a strobe light flashing to R hand side through apartment buildings...then hear ducks flying overhead come in 1:33 AM on stove.  So looked up ducks flying at night?  Well my Daddy painted mallards on the wall in the basement.  I had asked my Big Brother about that and he thought that was 1st house they built next door to grandpa Ehrman.. well they lived in the basement of that till house was finished. Found this:

Do Ducks Fly At Night?

We all now that ducks are avid flyers and some species, like the mallard ducks, can even go as high as 21,ooo feet. So, we already know that ducks do not sleep throughout the night, which gives them more time for flying when migrating.

Mallard ducks can cover as much as 800 miles in a single day when migrating and a part of that is done through the night as well. They often stop to rest or sleep in locations they’ve used previously which is pretty amazing.



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