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Monday, November 8, 2021

Cute: Loaded for Bear

Wouldn't work so update for you..figure it out  screw this place up too u will figure it

Well yes absolutely I have the answer. I got up and mentioned drivers training even... Of course thought about them words to get a new cutting board... well the thing is we had 2 one little one and one big one, well he preferred the big one if clean.. so I took with me the little one. Then did mention we would loose the dating game after 50 yrs marriage. Also mention what started this whole thing. With this post.

Well then you saw my response to it...making my address phone number seen on his fav sites even.

I get songs... posted them. Well did make comment as what we even went through training my son's. Well after pondering all that.. and yes he also made them lights go away... I keep things to self a lot no say...when bugs me mention... so really he gets limited info. He just knows me well enough how to get it out of me. Talks to me as I am used to hearing knows me with Father very well. I don't always listen know satan too and taught right by daddy. 

Matthew though has a desire to know all about me...he must find me a rare one too.

But hey dude...don't say fire away to me as I am obedient and this then will try. You no talk...see how u handle this one...

I can put what I am after and get to talk scripture and the Lord with someone a person  well u probably one shut down my forum even...maybe make them take my test. then hear "loaded for bear" So here ya go and no, have not checked up on them rapture dudes in a while.


So anyway I am done so going back to bed.

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