Do You Believe Others For Your Salvation?

 Cindy Jacobs posted: 01/16/2021 ...

Saturday, April 17, 2021

America West Airlines

Power of Prayer to Father, what do you do first?

After my mother graduated, I was really down didn't talk much at all even to my closet friend Becky Boat.  Well she worked at America West Airlines, when she started there she started in this cleaning department, but then got promoted and from what I remember she was even still in same area of hanger and work place just like across the hall.  What her new job was, was finding quickly parts needed for aircraft, to do quick repairs.  Becky very friendly, and still talked to the supervisor and well I don't remember title , but next in command of the cleaning.  Becky pushed me just to get a job it was all part-time people mostly, felt it would help me and she would get me in.

So I did this and worked part-time graveyard shift, which is when heavy work was done by this department.  It was more than cleaning, also included things like C check cleaning, gear washing for C checks, waxing the aircraft, both in hanger for C check and out on the gated areas parked overnight.  Also, did complete scrub of interior,  Oh and in C check, stripping them seat covers off to be dry cleaned and put back on.  So just lots of things for this department.  These things also required some to have knowledge and know how to operate scissor lifts and cherry pickers to work high on these things, not many in the department trained on them as you needed to get close to the planes without damage to them.

When first started they put me with their best interior person, foreign, Offie from Malaysia, she was a little hard to understand but not bad, and married to an American.  Worked as most all the part-timers to get flight benefits, so see family.  We became friends, I even went over to her place...she made me lunch.  Then there was a gal, top for knowledge all equipment most foul mouthed person she was, which didn't bother the men.  Hard looking very hard looking.  Didn't get along with hardy a person.  Nobody wanted to work with her but she was top notch worker the best not one thing she did not know about that department.  So of course that is who they put me with.  haha  Well I had heard her mouth alright so knew that and from talk knew the rest.  Test??  See what she says will she complain??

So we started hanger together working..waxing aircraft as I recall and C check, which our work always then inspected by the heads of technical, engineers whatever they were..not inspected by our department leaders.  Well I prayed  for her, asked Father as didn't want to listen to foul mouth all night.  Well what happened is she started singing country songs I think they were...oh my gosh a voice like an angel...never heard such a voice.  I just raved about her beautiful voice and told her she could sing to me all night I absolutely loved it.  God?  you bet.  She sang and she taught me everything, we worked together, trained me on all she knew.  So I started operating all the equipment even.  Once trained on equipment, they had another person to drive scissor lift out on pad's to wax planes there, crew rode in this it was big.  

They also had if you did gear washing you got to go home when done, so would do those to get to go home early.  They also had if not much work...requested if anyone wanted to what they called WOP out, so with out pay.  Well I certainly didn't need the money I always did that when offered.

We used the benefits for several different travel.  Those are different stories though, on one, we went to Mexico during a presidential election.  Lying news for that too... I climbed the pyramids all kinds of things there.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


 I just have to tell you about my day yesterday!!  They just do everything backwards in this world, all these companies ... sheesh... maybe it is just the God in me that makes me see it.  You will get the picture and understand though pointed out to you.  

We use a bedroom for our office where computers are.  Well our dog, has broken the blinds, pieces off and my husband keeps trying to glue them back together..fails every time and more got broken.  So the other side of already broken ones started to get broken.  Looks so tacky as these windows face the street.  I Said over and over about getting new up there..update failed  So I finally yesterday thought well "I'll remedy that".  So went to, went to and went to where we did purchase them from.  Of course name changes, no same brand any longer.  All these places have recommended on them can view other people, what they say about the product.  Well in the first place, what a perfect way for these vendors to stack the deck in their favor...having people go recommend them.  Not only that, but everyone of them were days to wait to be in stock, even Lowes.  So they don't keep up inventory, there is nothing for people just to quick log on and report their complaint, people would do that, so I wanted a complaint form on home page of these companies center front visible people can click report vendor and product.  Get rid of the other stuff or leave up to them...have contract with those vendor companies, that with so many complaints against them,  you are long gone.  Contract void.   Well typing that given words from the Lord I actually said.. "long gone" had to look youtube for song.  I just laughed so true of world.  Especially starting at marker 1:28.  So will put song here.   

So I decided I was just going to go do checking that store myself.   Got in there, took Bob's dog with me as it was cool enough, and went in without a mask.  Sick of the crap I am.  Thought well they want me in one will ask them for one.  Didn't say a word to me.  Went to isle and they have cordless ones now, ours had cords to lift blinds but still same 2" faux look, the same looking.  Well that dog had made the blinds in the living room filthy too...even though not broken.  

I purchased them, got back home really fast just in and out.  So when got home Bob did go put them up for me, he thought new brackets would have to be installed since name brand change, so was not looking forward to it at all.  Here they fit brackets that were there.  So just installed the new blind in old brackets.  He was all excited told me about it, I said out loud, well praise the Lord.  His reply I got my wish.  So we see a bit different I guess.

Well these are just great...can lift them so the dog can see out window, and glass windows easy to clean compared to those blinds.  We do as I said we need to do with the dog, as he is after business hours destruction, said we need to close the door after business hours.

Well people don't put comments on that stuff hardly ever for recommendations, yet people get screwed purchasing certain products all the time...  what these places need to know is just whom it is that is screwing people and get rid of those vendors.  Is it in scriptures??   You bet it is called "weight balance" fuzzy meaning so includes all...this jumped won't put no more proves point look up.  Also another word comes to mind "scales". 

Micah 6:10-11 Are there yet the treasures of wickedness in the house of the wicked, and the scant measure that is abominable? Shall I count them pure with the wicked balances, and with the bag of deceitful weights

However I was led to look up "windows"  and these two verses jumped out at me

Isaiah 24:18 And it shall come to pass, that he who fleeth from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit; and he that cometh up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the snare: for the windows from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth do shake.

Law?  I asking Matthew-Yeshua

Malachi 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it

Felt He wanted me to look meaning of "storehouse"  So I did.

Storehouse definition Hebrew.

אוֹצָר ʼôwtsâr, o-tsaw'

from H686; a depository:—armory, cellar, garner, store(-house), treasure(-house) (-y).

masculine noun

Well I told Him notice it be masculine...not my department!!  haha  Also it seemed to also be talking 2 different type things.  Church tithe??  Well I think there is no church...and look meaning... first we need battle for nation under God and Truth of Aramaic USA has to even have church.  Yet Father told me remnant is they need place to place.. and do battle for Gospels, nation, truth.

heard "hiding place"

Isaiah 28:17 Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place. 

So Be It



Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sight And Purpose

The name on this site "Alone In The Word" I was trying to find a way for my site to be found.  I had webmaster google tools.  They are supposed to show links to sites when you link a site.  So I went and got a godaddy account myself named that  I mentioned it even to my sister Con told her would love her to get on with me post stories.  So the site was designed to do both but to link to redletter help that get found.  

Con seemed excited about it...she went out and purchased a new computer laptop think, and of course they have changed so much from when she did that stuff...she called her children to help her.  Well I think one got her connected...but then it was Michelle that actually from the lake got her email up, and I  did email a few emails with her.  She was never able to get on herself to do it though to do it alone.

Well this was a test of google web master tools to see if I could get redletter to show being linked to, I showed links to it in my side area's and my posts.  Nothing on google tools showed up as link to that site.  So after a year as that was all I got to test it...I just dropped it.  Kinda like my sons sites not getting much activity to me or like Voice In Numbers they designed to give people gov info on voting, keep track of house and senate voting.  Well people subscribing when sent updates being sent to spam.  Well J with VIN went to DC to a Glen Beck rally to try to get his site found.  Glen Beck a Mormon...evil cult they are no better than Jehovah's Witness, maybe worse in some cases, as they lure people with KJV...switch them to what they really are and that is Joseph Smith.  Kinda like Mohammad for Muslims.  Well J didn't know, as he at least seemed to be on right side of Gov. and J wanted to make easy for people to know truth.

That next election was of course a Mormon running against Obama.  Well most Christians know that is a they just don't vote...evil is evil so really didn't matter who the heck won. We didn't even vote that year...shit is leave it to the Lord's will...on which shit He wants for His will to be done.  lol

I posted a song words given from the Lord.  I just love and doing research here the man sang at the Mormon's with choir I have it on a started not finished post.  So maybe he is one don't know.  Well I talked this a.m. with Yeshua-Matthew talking about some of this stuff, I talk to Him on my sons site and servers, where they can view and prayed the Father asked Him to draw this man to know truth.  Awesome testimony and songs that man would be given...and reach even Africa.

Well the Lord had given me the words to find the song, happens all the time and I put the song on my post.  To me that says also the Lord wants him, sending me there.  So I told Yeshua-Matthew "sick him"  hahaha  I wanted him.

We just have so many wrong direction, even 7th Day Adventist, who they follow I think her name is White.. I have been looking for sooooooooo many years for someone just someone that followed Yeshua only and Gospels.  You don't follow a woman for goodness sakes.  All this given to man from masculine God...all man to me.  Is female (wife) within God yes...trying to get people to understand.  Can God use a woman??  Yes but not to run the show.  So just what are they?   Well scriptures tell you..his help meet? well again only word Hebrew is help, so where to next? What God created out of his rib..came out of him..within him just as God's wife is within Him...just like Yeshua said we would be like angels no marriage in heaven...already married just like I wrote God did with all living creatures.  Like how many times does He have to show you things for you to get it?  Just given words and know one scripture: "once twice"

There are 2 i see to post  this is last

Ps 62:11 God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.

This one I know

Job 33:14 For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. 

So this information has to come from Yeshua-Matthew, I am not concerned about that He sent scribes  don't you know...and prophets, and wise men.  Will He maybe use things I write, you bet we are one.  Did He in the Gospels?  Yes, I believe He did, with the book of Mark, that is the surname, but I believe Yeshua's wife while here.   Her name...Mary Magdalene (maiden) mentioned 12 times the Gospels just using both names.  Mentioned as Mary in other places.

So it is possible that Mary married after Yeshua, it is possible Yeshua returned using the name, it is possible anything we just and not told.  Personally I would be Looking for a Yeshua Mark  lol  did one exist  lol  

Well I have set up things on redletter to have a dog training, and did add about Noah.  To me these things belong to God.  I think in even some tournament, military, you name it you do see some God quality animals.  Who given charge?  Man again...can you learn some things from a woman?  You bet, still up to man to test it and see.  There were women mentioned in scriptures Deborah...a judge even...called mother of Israel, in what?  Battle.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Puppy Training

 Interesting day it has been for sure.. well there will be a first here I think on this site 3 posts all one day  hahaha  David Harris, do you see how I seem to be tied to that name?  Third time a charm?  Could be only the Lord knows.  So first Harris was my sister and marriage to husband, David Harris my dog trainer second Harris, and my daughter-in-law third Harris.

Well not long after starting training with David Harris, he had asked me to work well for him, training puppies would give me part of their sale money.  Sounded like fun to me love puppies to work with.  I did have to seek permission to do this from my husband.  He was agreeable so first puppy I recall getting, one of his bloodline of dogs "Prufenpuden"  of course stood for "the proof is in the pudding" .  Great name really for all the man does.

Well Vinny was the one he gave me, so his V litter.  Now David named his dogs no one else.. that was name on papers no if or and's about it.  You however could call the dog any name you wanted to..but that was legal name.  No person got breeding rights to any of his dogs, no papers unless  that dog had a Title.  Only then would he release breeding rights..might have required hips don't remember never owned one of his dogs except the one I got as trade for him breeding to my Sir Parker.  That pup I raised sold.

I had only had Vinny a couple weeks I think not very long and how David and I communicated or I would show him progress is I set up my video camera and recorded..allowing him to view the progress with the dog.  Well that video, put up on youtube my very first puppy training of David's pup.  He was going to Germany and showed that video to all these training people there of course announced it on his dog forum maybe where his training group was.

So I believe I exceeded David's expectations in puppy training, him I often wonder can't remember if he ever said anything about it being a gift.

We have known each other close to 20 years...he helped me when I took off across the country to find Yeshua-Matthew and my husband cut me off.  A good friend.

Churches AZ vs KY

 Well just lots happening with family...and just like at home have all addresses  haha  I do report what am up to in advance sometimes led to...outcomes can be different you just never know.  I have an unpublished post on this just sitting since 3-22 those things happen too.. as will copy paste stuff from redletter to her want to talk go over those things, post them when ready or sometimes blow away.  I am good at that one too.

I just felt led to talk about the difference between AZ and KY as getting close to being in states about same amount of time really is counting our leaving before moving to KY added up.  So total about same time each State.  First thing 100 yr flooding each State AZ 1973 first... Well in AZ it wasn't long after I showed KY it was when Unysis laid off contractors we were sent back to AZ..flood happened just prior to us leaving, yet had been informed.

Now never in AZ did God burn down houses or flood houses tied to me till KY, show up and move to.  I didn't want to move here just cried to the Lord about it even sat inside closet with that one...made it so difficult to even make the move that wow you can't argue all was done.  Why?  A prophet you bet, another one fear put in me because I followed Yeshua stayed His words even though knew him as Jesus, I did what said called Him Father as shown to pray...didn't pray to Jesus...knew words of the books.  That prophet going all over warning people if they didn't turn cities that would be nuked...well guess where one was Lexington.  That is just 25 miles from where we are.  Well sure I looked you bet I did on how far that stuff reaches.  I knew world sucked, no one followed Yeshua, didn't trust people what so felt certain we would be nuked.!!  That is another story am sure will tell on Jacobs site.

Baptism of Josh, first church appear in, never went there though just for that.  After dad and mom came baptized the family..well I refused the Kelly girl wanting me job did most anyway.  Then just got part time job at carpet store...doing books general office involved with installers etc. was close to us.  Well Bob at that time to more involved so we did go to Assembly of God church close..Bob really loved this pastor really.  J would even bring his friend Craig with us.  Shortly like wow 2nd visit maybe or so, found out pastor had to quit..because his wife divorcing him can't be pastor there any longer.  He had to change denominations to continue preaching.  He changed to 4 square.  Church further away, Chandler.  Well we went..had to have lots of stuff done at that church first.  One of the things was new carpet.  So I offered help for him.  Gave it my cost...a good commercial type..really dark green think called hunter green, he chose.  Didn't stay, just to far so didn't last long at all, long enough for me to help him.

Sent 2 other churches...first then took boys think both know for sure J with me...that was a new being set up place don't remember denomination surprised even found as they met in office building complex just 1 room did divide an entry I think but maybe not that even.  and as recall folding chairs in new..a team sent with gifts.  Well the presence of the Lord both on me and J from there word did contact pastor and asked for written copy did get that.  The next church was just sent by myself went.  Evangelist in town.

Now before tell that, I have all my life had very high arches.  Daddy even took us family to chiropractor in Ft Wayne and he even made comment about them.  Well my arches would fall I called it..painful to walk, had it even on Edgewater would happen as I had to walk home from school after sports as no buses any longer.  So to even walk it hurt and couldn't had to get up on ball or toes what ever you call it to walk.  Well that type stuff happened to me all the time.

Went then to that church...and first thing happen my arch fell to even be able to walk a distance to get inside that place.  After sermon and things think then...he called out healing the Lord was doing in there.  One was the foot!!  I reached down to touch my arch as painful and tight you can feel it.  It was gone...I was healed of it...have never in my life experienced that again.  So those only church's went to in AZ all those years.

I am supposed to be in bible belt??  KY a bit different, as once met Dorothy which I posted about..she had asked me twice I think so when asked I went.  J asked me to come baptist church to hear him play drums so went, that another story.  Was only led by the Lord, to one church in 25 even go to in this state.  Loved it called Remnant Church...the denomination is a separated from can't remember think baptist could be Lutheran, but no Lutheran churches did I see here so not sure.  He preached gospels, he bound satan what a blessing that was to hear. I went to both morning and evening service there that Owenton.  That the only church ever led of the Lord to go here.  That a story too, as child downs syndrome? think..  

Well you certainly can understand why I felt sure we were being sent to get nuked  hahaha

Be led of the spirit of Yeshua, those are directions.

Post from 3-22


Well after getting yelled at again last was like wow thanks a lot sister...oh what you started that I kept trying to put off I posted to her about it..sent it to my prophet brother too. Bob seems to think that anything I say makes no sense whatsoever he said. Told me everyone feels the same way, it is only me that can't see it. Said nothing I write makes any sense. Well I asked him if he read the new link for my new blog about family and I think I sent him my new one called  Spirit of Yeshua. He didn't even look at them, my heart goes out to him to know the Lord. Oh and he told me last time my sister Con laughed when Bob told her, that I said he wasn't a believer, but they all followed Paul, is he God to you? They didn't know Yeshua's words or follow Him, which was where Daddy told me to stay, at least how I took it. So again wake up to needing my "fight song", that my sis sent me last time.

Well my heart went out to a Jacobs family member yesterday, my husbands sister's son Daryl his name. So called Bob's other sister Mary, here, to see if she had an email and phone number for him. Tried to call him no answer so went ahead and wrote him a letter as we have talked spiritual things before. Now God worked for that boy...he got lost in a snow storm in WA, newspaper things about it even, I prayed for was like a week or more but finally found. So I wrote to him..sent him my paper I did about the Muslims Isa Masih, to give him a picture overall how I felt, and told him to read my blog. He was so excited to hear from me sent me a paper he put all around made like 5 hundred copies of it trying to point people to the Lord. Well I bcc'd those to Matthew-Yeshua in flesh I recognized, and only one to stand by me last time, testing my family even, and to my son Josh. Reason I sent it to Josh, is Daryl lived with Josh for a while while, he was separated from his wife...they were getting a divorce. Josh knows him better than anyone in family for this reason. I encouraged Daryl not to go backwards once finding more truth.

Well Daryl, wrote back again with some questions, I tried to answer some but again encouraged him to find the links to others of my sites I must have about 10 hahaha I ended that email sending him on a search for me, as I have looked all my life for a church that only preached the Gospels, I can't find one, there is no one taught to know Yeshua's words at all.. So will be anxious to see if I hear back. People hear from who they follow.

Anyway I had started an Ehrman family blog too, just of memories from how I was raised plus started one of the Jacobs from that side of family, thought maybe my sons one day would want to understand the difference in how people are raised.   It would give them an understanding too of why they had a Mom tough on them. Thoughts of Daddy then..put a link for things between more him and I on that blog besides family memories, won't be any order just what pops into mind things shared with Daddy and I.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

You Can Do It

 Well Satan doesn't like creative days or new beginnings, they of course numbers fitting for what do they do...make it a joke day!!  So a pull the prank on someone.  Well difference with that is that Satan is definitely not creative.  

Just so many thoughts about my sister, am sure will add them to family things too, but some things we shared more between us, or used them more should say.  As big sister always knew them too.  Some of the things though my little sister would do, is call me and say like  what?? you are bugging me.  So she would call me.  She would say  will you quit bugging me  and call me again.  Now Bob calls that the MTI  for mental telepathy interface  haha.  he would use that term at work.

The other thing I think so funny about little sis, is she always blamed me for being small breasted, where I was larger.  She said it was my fault.  In about 5th grade, she had caught on fire, her teri-cloth robe and had fire going up her chest.  Well I ran over and started pounding on her chest with my hands to put the fire out.  haha  So she blames me.

We were in same tennis classes for summer programs...just lots in common.  Both of us ones to do things on our own...even like boating all that entails.. where as my older sis never got into any of that.  We all gathered at big sis lake place once...and of course she had all the toys for sure...but it was little sis and I that used the ATV and put the jet ski's in the water to go play on.

I think Cheri even at Christmas having real tree did sawing of the trunk things needed done we were type just to do them...outside stuff.  She did lots more than I did though, just because of our living being different.  However don't know how she would do at camping  haha

We just had a "you can do it" attitude as children and kept it all these years.  So had to post this song and of course thoughts of mom as she had the same attitude about any project.