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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Happy Birthday To Me will lite fire u know cake

 Happy Birthday to me!!  Well it depends who's clock u are on.  Me well my daddy had vision of Father time.  Well I was born on his day.  Well here was in the same clothes I wore yesterday, must have been sales going on and Fathers clock said black Friday.  Albright did come to mind from my black Friday sale.  Well heard from grandma...and me latched onto that.  People are led to do as taught down their lines.

Well I had a cousin that name too...related to both sides for me and my husband was.  So what was done I did not request nor give permission for..  So my counter move.. was to take something with me I have never taken with me before..  my French connection alive...tem were so shocked snapped me.

Well this one is used to being burned out...has yet to happen to him or loss of family...but God knows hoe if he so save a piece of bloodline...if u understand the spirit and soul of people.  On top the blowup..not shit done I asked.  You have to understand I recovered one there before almost dead..cryed all the way home with her...  Men are dam stupid..   not only that but wa not restored the tools and supplies I took even.

Well I did inform Attorney I activated my French connection.  So it could be a joy ride...will see.  Well things he has had rights to also have been destroyed.. so people just don't use head.  I will have to look see if rules have this one I have never in my life to use this.  Now I had purchased 2...well God Yeshua sent out by 2...him had dealings with both them he did.

So thought well see what had to say so snapped image..3456  them had meaning.  Well am using my tea pot...things just not returned to me at all ...  nothing done or report i asked...but hey all seem to hate me.

So I did eat cheese cake...just a  bit need to last all day..have yet to decide to take daddy all the way gregorian time  will see.

Monday, December 6, 2021

tab discription

 I sent this to a friend... as the things that happen to me.  Thought you would like to see what the heck showed up with my boat search.


Until he shows up I am top Bitch family knows the law...woops game.  I have never met a man in this world or only in preaching ... that knows Yeshua...I trust no man world and only God knows.  But I will defend till my breath taken from Yeshua and His words only for salvation.  I will be cable detached from the net...I have a project to complete for Daddy and my birthday.  Alveterzane!  yes sound of music.

 This from snap bow and arrow a Joseph tribe thing...and of course what I saw was the color of my senior picture.. not in my senior picture was the only picture not in color of the family.


 Top center of mom and dad's fireplace.  Prophet asked me about one.





Sunday, December 5, 2021


 Well we played the game of Clue...them happen in rooms folks.  Well women tend to change them things around  Bob used to hate coming home late dark...find way thru house...  maybe I saved for late work...him would bump into things not know what road to take.

Well reason say last post might see is cause I jump around this house...first sleep floor in room put then puter in ... moved to master room sleep then when get furniture ordered I don't know for sure but am wondering if these are really inter spring mattress wanted no foam..makes me sweat, like wake all time heat flashes change life.  and this doing since switched then to Q room sleep really but sure lots of snaps.. well takes so long to get REM sleep..  anyway need to move again back to mstr room see if sleep better again...  so more changing to do here...  well did swap my childrens pics etc on fireplace... well them need  cross trained... ppl no do that in jobs even no more... called hung out to dry if person leaves.  will see who done it what room.

This might be curious re farm house and br there who sleep where...and when me get K size bed put other room... well that pulls in Tommy Boy. how many different girls?...yeah from Columbus  hahahaha  th8ink J knows.  call us mom and dad he does.  and which room Betty take and who got K bed.  Well just a clue.. me only one sleep all them rooms all even used to be my room where Bob put office had a daybed in it..pulled out to b3e K.  and who slept where, things mom never thought about till game show.  Oh Y and B did too...and J and C  and Betty friends... and daryl and susan and paul  well it is a wonderful world. Chuck Lyn.. Lyn come with grand children...  Aunt Cheri, dogs...well comedy could b.

..may also apply my cabin...think Big brother used 2 out of 3 there....  were there family shows?  and gifts bring me.  Same with house in Frankfort... Every house we were in who come who sleep... see what and where them rooms pop up.  Well Paul had 2 diff dogs.. Big Red he called.. other called Sammie.  Sammie had rectal health issues think could open our doors...handle side type weree not knobs... Con's little one as she there with me one time too him there...that little yorkie put that big shit down.  he no mess with her.  Big Brother made me 2 quilt racks... last one was mom eyelyn lane tree.. that one i no longer have....didn't sell don't know what happened it... so a real clue game is dissipated...don't think Josh has.  Well it is shit stuff of ok but men play games.  My guess as i did take that off the wall in basement...remember that. could be dudes from Bev.. come clean out the stuff me gave order them no take from..and had to make put back some.them even took mom's had to get out of dam truck so them took my other quilts betty made me am sure one big G started and Betty finished. will see if memory comes back..Cheri gave me gift given her from Israel dude she got from weird shit,  could be Matthew know where went and him the man with.  Well all things possible with God...but Bev tied also to Hariette.. went be friend...her did Bev taxes... so shit shit shit and gov shit ppl as David's wife married Gov dude young...Brown last name.. weird shit i am tellin you.and David went and got the rest of Sir Parker siblings...what the hell happened to them?  And gifts from owenton should know road names... her house gift me a crock...special owenton specialty shop ordered...had engraved on call Lane the Road  weird shit and what buy.  Well should be interesting as didn't keep any of it and was not passed from my family at all..and there only one my family can not remember ever getting a gift from my prophet brother...he even kept that info from his wife.  Beth no buy me nothing can think of till leadmine them can't even get it right street sign say one thing it is a mess KY shit...same with calhoun.. say st...lane can't even name shit proper here.  This state is royal flush toilet...can't seem to do anything follow thru proper at all.

When Cheri Dave move... them want to buy take stuff... so have no clue what cheri took FL  The difference between us 2 is that that was a Dave house deal... mine was mine.  So I don't know that David's so called retired... do military still move them.. I didn't ask. To my knowledge David has never ever slept in one Ehrman house never me hear of.  That to me say that man has never ever been family... Bob did sleep my Family.

Well God has to do things for a reason folks it is called His timing not game do till call...then wow 4th of July?..for word of God truth?  or is that cosmic  oh forgot that ells

Bev did sleep my house I slept hers...she slept Harietts did for her.. me never that can think Father will restore as season continues show.  Hariett got Betty yellow rose painting..well Josh wanted mine not the yellow one...and me told Betty I like mine better thank you.  now hear yellow rose of texas... lol  well not sure on family if all in family.

Well I hated and never wanted to move here truth so is there consequences? 

re eric butler...well this thought ring son J this my memory...he borrowed your leather jacket cause cold for that trip...went fishing with eric butler  now this a God trick... dad slip off boat fell in water soak rouine your jacket and never purchased you a neww my memory and that leather jacket color brown

 and what color leather u buy KY son's, and i will tell you this to my memory at the moment your dad has never worn a jacket that I didn't purchase for the man...he has neveer purchase one since married to me. can't think of  a one.  take that back as saw jacket me no buy when move asked about so has..but no ware.  Our restaurant when want steak AZ  The Black Angus...that what we ate.  and will have to ask Larry can't remember if them with us or who...we go KY ate buffalo.

I will tell you 2 times had my sister decorate..I never did theirs... Con come after daddy graduated couldn't do told her just no want to...  and Cheri AZ morning dove...she hung all betty's paintings in the fraims on

and what name corportation address use...eric butler  word  this is shitty state..only way ever live hera again i said if I am here with Matthew period    and bob used to use the phrase here ky only hear it used...  "is the Clue phone ringing"  will end with Clue










































Lunie Tunes

 I actually did and typed a lot before making that last post...sent out by carrier pigeon well that is kinda they way email is to work you know... send out your msg...and it return home with the answer.  and that word pigeon word...and if u know them birds shit all over ppl feed them.  Then what the heck is a stool pigeon?  Well them call the come home one carrier ones.  English is one heck of a language...and all these sayings and definitions.  So question...Who did God give to name them things?  These are complaints I take to Father.  

Anyway got up set...and did a road trip to try to cool off...well in the frustration and 2 puters loaded with different stuff woe couldn't deal with well them got the pic and pulled my plugs both puters... so took a road trip to settle down..  might tell u about it stay turned it could be a lunie tune what i hear playing as typing.  c ya

Saturday, December 4, 2021

still sick

 lots comes to me but shit...I can't deal with not havin a F'n attorney any longer...I should not have to also battle that besides what I try to do for Father... so have fun.

And a funny thing about Lad and Lassie them dogs sexes were messed up as I recall.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Quilts and blood stains

 hahaha  and I am sure dogs...hahaha  God is funny...well reason being when you give something just who is it that decides what and where to even put or use it...the not into that, should them pay attention?...and I can relate to that by golly... it is stuff of the world...yet serves a purpose for a set time.  Well I think my sister Con got what was left and falling apart one of grandma Thompson's   Con wanted to try to restore some of it falling apart that her heart... Well the two of us worked on that at my cabin...we purchased material glue and glued it..I think we had to cut it...make restore that.  Me I would have pitched...but I helped her it was her heart to have do.

Now my mom had decided to make graduation quilts for her grandchildren as a graduation gift.  I think but not sure don't remember Con ever telling me she had J was the only one to get one...she first in her first ever to do..kept for self and had on guest bed the Prophet slept in...and Bob and I did bed also once when Bob vacationed and stayed with mom and dad with me.  One time stay that long he did.  Me living AZ when mom graduated... I could only take what fit my suitcases.. I wanted first quilt mom made so I got that...think used AZ a bit...used as Bob's mom made quilts so gave me had one of hers on bed... anyway mine blue...J a dark off pink and blue... Now at farm I put mom's quilt on guest bed upstairs as my sister purchase me loved it and gone it is... hand made in Gatlinburg, TN or Pigion Forge they would shop, quilt I took snap of it way back when attacked.

Well the blood I learned from Diane who made our drapery ceiling to floor when move back Sesame St... as that her profession... if bleed on something as them seamstresses did happen... the person's blood it is comes out with spit...of the person that bled on these cleaning agents can't get that one done...and Nat wanted absolutely nothing but my rug think took one..not sure and my gold lazy boy small swivel rocking recliners...and she had a no want nothing passed to her daughter either of J family.  And Milissa in control for Josh that what do an interesting is not a man thing at all...what it inside the woman's house or showing.  She did use lots of mom's stuff took them so she did... gave her I think shelf mom got..might have given her blue ducks put up overlook things head down watching ... anyway Josh had most.. and Melissa did want..but do stay Jacobs.

Betty came to stay with us I think almost a month maybe...when she had her hip replacement.. her blood is on mom's quilt... now I did tell her it would come out if she spit on it...she no still there.

Think of movie... Doc Hollywood...him go cabin them put quilt on him..sleep in see if find that clip...  not on you tube but found full movie...and start at 12:50 they are just arriving to the cabin with the 3 ladies making quilts...I stopped it at 15:33... cute movie lots clips might use but then I don't plan them just pop up.

Jeremy's quilt became padding for HIS DRUMS  U think that no purpose for a man play to Father drums heart for God.  Well I think best what that man did his hand made quilt  he slept it for a while then it became put inside drum as a particular sound affect wanted, my son's know that full story..  Who used etc..could be both drum that drum...maybe Sammie too.

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